Our History



Barry Green and 4 friends conceived the Forever Young Club in April 1997. The club first met at Legion 215 to enjoy dancing and fellowship. A few months later the club name was formally registered.

Purpose of Club


The club provides the opportunity to enjoy classi 50’s, 60’s & 70’s rock and roll music, dancing, lots of fun and our members remain young at heart.  Our theme song is “OLD TIME ROCK ‘N ROLL” BY BOB SEAGER.

Range of Activities


The Forever Young Club MB. has enjoyed dancing at various locations and theme nights like Winter Soc Hop, Valentine Sweetheart dance, Halloween Bash, Sadie Hawkins dance and New Year’s dance.

Some past events we enjoyed – boat cruise on the Red River – family picnic – bbq – car show and drive-in movie in Morden, MB – Prairie Dog Central train ride – hay and sleigh ride.

The first annual fund raising dance was held on April 24, 1998 at Legion 215. In April or May of each year an annual dance raises funds to help keep the cost of our membership very affordable to all.

We have hosted many Winnipeg bands such as The Bivvers, The Shondels, Copy Kats, The Tune Raiders, Jimmy G & The Do Whops, The FIFTH, THE TWILIGHTS, FREE RIDE and more.


Baby boomers still feeling forever young


Winnipeg baby boomers still enjoy rocking out to the sounds of Buddy Holly and the Beatles. There’s room on the dance floor for a lot more light footed folks. The Forever Young Club is comprised of a group of individuals from all walks of life fused together by a love of rock ‘n’ roll music and friendship. To illustrate this point, the club’s motto is “You don’t stop playing when you get old. You get old when you stop playing.” After all these years and changing musical tastes, the club is still going strong. Many of our members still like to enjoy the music of the 50’s 60’s and 70’s. Our membership is forever changing, with new people coming in all the time, but there are still a lot of baby boomers. This type of music is timeless to our generation, as it goes back to our teenage years, which hold great memories and associations.

As we have to survive the cold weather for four long months, we are going to party. Also, it’s about the social connection and it dates back to all those teen dances at community centres and live bands.

Some people like to dress in 50’s attier (Poodle skirts, black leather jackets and white t-shirts).


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